Free Shipping New Portable Baby Car Seats basket type car safety seat Newborn baby cradle basket children car seats


Free Shipping New Portable Baby Car Seats basket type car safety seat Newborn baby cradle basket children car seats

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Free Shipping New Portable Baby Car Seats basket type car safety seat Newborn baby cradle basket children car seats

Product Features:
1, product style advocating natural, simple, environmentally friendly, and more from the user to the security needs, the full integration of the principles of ergonomic design. Full compliance with European ECE R44 / 03 safety standards.
2, cotton fabrics comfortable, breathable, environmental protection, will not hurt children’s delicate skin, while easy disassembly, easy to clean.
3, light weight seat, easy to install, easy to carry, placed in the trunk when not in use, when the tourism field as a child seat, convenient and safe time companion.

Second, product characteristics:
Products suitable for use in infants born –13 kg
1, three-point seat belt: firmly protect the child’s physical safer
2, the back piece blow molding: Overall blow molding, high anti-collision firmer
3, thick headrest, shoulder and hip pads: effective protection of innocent children more comfortable site
4, comfortable, breathable environmental fabric: cotton fabric of space and protect the delicate skin of children is more at ease
Third, the product specifications
Weight: 3 KG
Gross Weight: 5 KG
Seat dimensions: 73 * 36 * 27CM
Fabric: Cotton Space cotton non-toxic, antibacterial, environmental protection
Belt: high strength polyester belts.
Standard: the most stringent European ECE-R44 / 03 standard


Fourth, the installation method:
1, 3-in-1 function: When the basket, rocking chair, infant car seat;
can be used as a basket, especially when the baby asleep in the car when you can not disturb the baby and the baby easily carry home;
can be used as a cradle, the base curved design, slow swing, baby comfortable, relaxed mother;
basket spacious and comfortable, soft and breathable cotton fabrics, gently care for baby skin;
with the head of the panels to prevent infant head shaking;
central buckle belts, escape, small size, light weight, easy to go out;
2, or rear-facing front to install three-point seat belts with the child safety seat is fixed to the front seat or the back seat. Let athletic pass through the holes marked with a blue color, and the insurance deduction is locked, then the oblique band across the back seat of a fixed hook. To tighten the seat belt is not wound knot.
3, with a shade small bottle, to avoid the baby by the sun and rain


Five seats cloth cover cleaning method:
1, you can cash in at the cloth, gently scrub with a neutral detergent.
2. Do not use the centrifuge, not ironing soup, do not use solvents.

Sixth, after-sales service
The date of purchase of this product can be returned within seven days of free, one year free warranty. The following warranty conditions outside are free.
1) The user did not follow the instruction manual to use;
2) the user to modify or overhaul;
3) After a serious accident safety seat;
4) The damage caused by accidental disasters (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.);
5) The use of this product can protect children safety during normal driving of the vehicle to a large extent, any driving violation of traffic laws and cause accidents and damage borne by consumers.

VII Note:
1, do not install child safety seats have airbags in the front seat of cars.
2, the child safety seat is only suitable for mounting on the front face.
3. Make sure that child safety seats and seat belts elastic pad position is fully consistent with the requirements of this specification.
4, through the child safety car seat belts must be kept tight.
Safety Tips
1, the back seat is the ideal safe location to install child safety seats.
2, car moving process, place the children are always placed in a child safety seat

























Maximum Weight Recommendation

15 kg

Minimum Weight Recommendation

1 kg

Item Height

27 inch

Fixation Type

Five-Point Harness

Model Name


Seat Size

73 * 36 * 27





Item Length

73 inch

Install Style


Item Weight

5 kg

Item Width

36 inch

Material Type


Seat style




Brand Name


External Testing Certification


Item Type

Child Car Safety Seats


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